Tag Tuesday | Unpopular Opinions

This book tag was created by The Book Archer on YouTube. I love to watch the unpopular opinions videos on YouTube, so I decided it was time for me to try the tag myself!

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Discussion | The Busyness of Life

I wanted to bring you all a different post on my blog today. Sometimes I have thoughts that I just feel like I need to share and it is too much for a bookstagram story.

I am struggling as a reader. More than that, I am struggling as an adult, wife, teacher, daughter, and friend.

Guys, I know people think teachers have it made and I am not one to complain about my job because yes, I chose this career knowing it is thankless at times. I also chose this career because the time off is the greatest perk and I love having opportunities to travel or even just have a staycation.

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Thriller Thursday | Rule by Ellen Goodlett

I finally have a review for Thriller Thursday! I finished Rule by Ellen Goodlett a few nights ago. This is a new YA fantasy series that is marketed as Three Dark Crowns meets Pretty Little Liars. I know this is mostly a YA fantasy, but the mystery of who is leaving the messages adds a bit of a thriller element to the book as well.

I received a finished copy of this novel from Hachette Book Group in exchange for my honest review. Many thanks to them for sending me a copy of this wonderful book!

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Book List | If You Like… Then You’ll Like… #1

Today I am bringing you a bit of a twist on the “If You Like… Then You’ll Like…” book list. I want to recommend books to you based on movies or TV shows! I am sure this is not an original idea, but usually this list is for recommending books based on other books or book series that you may have enjoyed. It was not as easy as I thought it would be to write this post since so many movies and TV shows are book adaptations now! While I do want my blog to remain mostly book related content, I thought it would be fun to incorporate one of my other loves for a little variety!

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Tag Tuesday | The Hogwarts Tag

I missed this tag back in June. Apparently it was going around during the 21st anniversary of the release of Harry Potter. Crazy to think that twenty-one years ago, I was a fourth grader attending the Scholastic Book Fair. I bought Harry Potter because my favorite teacher was reading it to her son at night. So I really have her to thank for introducing me to Harry Potter!

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September TBR | Books I Want to Read This Month

Hello, fellow readers! It is time to update my TBR for another month! September is finally here, which means cooler weather and Halloween is coming soon! I will be participating in the #ReadWhatYouOwn challenge from @anovelfamily on Instagram. You can join in by committing to read two books you already own in September or read only books you already own in September. I will be mostly reading only books I own (including ARCs I am behind on) except for the two books I have on reserve at the library. Seriously, one has been on reserve since July 31 and I’m #1 in line, so if it finally comes through in September, I am reading that book!

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August Reading Wrap Up | Books I Read This Month



★★★: The Broken Girls by Simone St. James


★★★★★: P.S. I Still Love You by Jenny Han (4.5/5); Always and Forever, Lara Jean by Jenny Han; The Dinner List by Rebecca Serle



DNF’d: The Chrysalis by Brendan Deenen

Pages Read in July:  1,282 pages (not including the DNF’d books)

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Review | The Chrysalis by Brendan Deneen (DNF)

I am cheating with this review a bit by having it on Thriller Thursday. There is a mystery in the book, however, it is not what I would call “thrilling.” I hate that I DNF’d this one, but it did not capture my attention. I appreciate Tor Books and Netgalley for sending me an advance copy of this book for my honest review.

**Disclaimer: As with all of my reviews, I do post the entire plot synopsis before my review. However, I will always recommend for Thriller Thursday reviews that you skip the plot synopsis. Thrillers are better when you go in knowing little to nothing about the plot. Happy reading!

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Tag Tuesday | The Ultimate Book Tag

Due to my demanding schedule these days, I am reading far less than I did during the summer. Therefore, I have less reviews to write, but I would like to stick to my current posting schedule. Every Tuesday will now be Tag Tuesday! Thriller Thursday will continue with book discussion/lists or reviews on Sunday posts as well. There are so many wonderful book tags out there. If you find a tag you would like me to do, please reply in the comments!

Let’s get started!

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